Cala del Forte’s Latest News

Founded in 2002 by the city-state of Monaco, Monaco Ports (SEPM), manages the ports of the Principality (Hercule and Fontvielle) as well as the new floating breakwater.

In 2016, in response to the ever-increasing demand for yacht berths and saturation in the ports of the Principality, Monaco Ports decided create SMIP (Société Monégasque Internationale Portuaire) and purchased the nearby port of Cala del Forte in Ventimiglia (IM).

The project was born from a desire to expand the company, but also aimed to push cross-border collaboration, create new jobs and demonstrate the company’s philosophy of sustainable port management, ecological responsibility, hospitality, service and security

29th OCTOBER 2020: catch of the day!

Two weeks after opening its state of the art waterfront on 15th October, the Cala del Forte team is still working hard as more and more breath-taking yachts and superyachts rush to the gorgeous Ventimiglia coastline to join the dazzling line up at Italy’s brand new marina.

15th OCTOBER 2020: The Cala del Forte waterfront is officially open!

Today at 12.00pm, the iconic sailing yacht Tuiga, flagship of the Yacht Club de Monaco, arrived at Cala del Forte - Ventimiglia from Monaco, the very first to dock at the brand new Molo d’Onore berth. One hour and half  later a 50m superyacht also docked, followed in the afternoon by two more yachts. As of now, the Cala del Forte waterfront is officially open. The entry of Tuiga into Cala del Forte marks a historic and symbolic moment in view of the marina’s upcoming official inauguration, scheduled to take place between June and July 2021, once the on-land construction work is completed.

We are accepting reservations for berths, available with Daily, Monthly and Seasonal rates. Learn more about our short-term rates: https://bit.l/CDF_short_term_rates_2020


On Thursday 8th October, the Region's acceptance testing committee convened to carry out their final inspection of the technical dossier presented by Cala del Forte’s management team and agreed to authorise the opening of the marina, allowing access to yachts. Just a week later, on 15th October at 12.00pm, the iconic yacht Tuiga will arrive at Cala del Forte from Monaco, the very first to dock at the brand new Molo d’Onore berth.

The entry of Tuiga into Cala del Forte marks a historic and symbolic moment in view of the marina’s upcoming official inauguration, scheduled to take place between June and July 2021, once all construction work on land is finalised.


We offer the opportunity to purchase a few number of berths via a long-term lease (40 years), while at the same time we are accepting reservations for berths, available with Daily, Monthly and Seasonal rates. Find out more about our short-term rates at the following link:

12th OCTOBER 2020: Breaking news: the team is complete

After the first four new members were welcomed to the Cala del Forte team on 24th August, the marina’s staff is now complete thanks to the addition of two more front desk operators and six line handlers in charge of mooring and maintenance. All personnel have taken part in recent professional training programmes focused on hospitality and marina management and will operate under the direct supervision of the marina manager Marco Cornacchia and his bosun Giuseppe Sanfelice.


Another important milestone was reached today, 24th August 2020, as four new members joined the Cala del Forte team to support management and play their part to ensure everything will be ready for the new marina to open in mid-October.

The city's Mayor Gaetano Scullino and his Council joined harbourmaster Marco Cornacchia in welcoming Erica Celli (front office operator), Ugo Lo Bello, Riccardo Ferraro and Marco Matarese, (mooring operators) to their first day working at Cala del Forte. By late September, Cala del Forte will have added nine more staff members to its ranks, thus completing the workforce that will be eager to welcome the first guests and yachts in October.

We at Cala del Forte are already accepting reservations for berths starting October this year, available with Daily, Monthly and Seasonal rates. Find out more about our short-term rates.

Breaking news: Cala del Forte welcomes Cantieri di Imperia

On Friday 31st July, Cala del Forte CEO and Director General of Monaco Ports Gian Battista Borea d'Olmo and Cantieri di Imperia Board Chairman Alessio Marziano signed a 25-year sub-concession agreement for Cantieri di Imperia, a leading shipbuilding company specialised in repairs and refitting, founded in 1982 and based in Imperia, 53 km from Ventimiglia.

The new shipyard in Cala del Forte will start operations in Q1 2021 and will provide hauling to boats of up to 30 meters in length thanks to a travel lift that can carry up to 180 tons, along with refitting and repair services, assistance and maintenance for yachts, tenders, outboards and toys.

Pictured from left to right: Cala del Forte Manager Marco Cornacchia, Gian Battista Borea d'Olmo, Alessio Marziano and Giorgio Marziano, Board Member for Cantieri di Imperia.




From 3 June 2020, starting day of Phase 3, trips between Italian Regions and travel to and from abroad is allowed.

Visitors from the EU, Schengen countries and the UK are permitted to enter Italy without the 14-day self-isolation measure, still required for arrivals from other nations at least until 15 June.

Some Italian Regions (e.g. Sardinia, Sicily, Apulia and Lazio) are now asking registration for visitors entering their territory in order to monitor the entries. Visitors will simply have to register online or by app, providing their personal data.



In Italy, the use of masks is generally compulsory in public spaces, when using public transport, when the 1m social distancing is not possible, in private cars for non-cohabitants (max. 3 persons/car). Self-isolation is requested with a body temperature >37.5°C;



Boating is permitted within the application of the new guidelines for marine activities issued by the Ministry of Transport:

  • Recreational boating and bareboat charter
    Users’ individual responsibility remains the key factor in the application on board of the general social distancing measures (1m between non-cohabitants persons).
    Individuals can share the same cabin just in case they live in the same home.
    Personal protection equipment must be used during docking procedures and dock assistance, bunkering, setting sails, etc.
    For charter boats the sanitization of the craft after each change of guests is compulsory.

  • Crewed charter
    Additional measures include the regular sanitization of the crew areas and the obligation for the crew to be tested for Covid-19 before boarding and to check their body temperature daily.  Third parties are not allowed to access charter boats.

Contents courtesy by Confindustria Nautica – Italian Marine Industry Association – last update: 6th June 2020

May 2020 update 

First and foremost, we hope that you and your loved ones are well and have not suffered the physical consequences of Covid-19.

We are sharing this message in order provide an update on the current state of advancement of construction at Cala del Forte, that, unfortunately, has suffered from delays due to the containment measures put in place by the relevant authorities. As you can see from the pictures, a large portion of the marina has already been completed, but due to the constraints imposed by the Italian authorities to combat and contain the spread of the Coronavirus, many of our suppliers have not been able to meet their deadlines, which in turn has delayed the completion of construction as set out in our Chrono-program.

We have worked at length with the authorities during confinement, and, taking into account possible further delays in securing prime building materials, we have re-issued a new Chrono-program that will enable us to welcome yachts in the 4th trimester of 2020.

Concerning the scheduled opening ceremony, a decision shall be taken once we have more elements in our possession that shall enable us to assess decisively the date of its occurrence. Currently, we do not yet have detailed information concerning security and legal measures that shall be enforced, nor can we foresee the evolution of the global pandemic in the coming months.

In any event, we do not believe that it would be either ethical nor respectful to hold such a ceremony during such a tragic moment.

We would desire that the inauguration of Cala del Forte be not only a celebration of the great accomplishment that has been the construction, but also a moment to rejoice in a return to more ‘normal’ times.


Our staff remains at your disposal for any further information or assistance that you may require.


Cala del Forte

phone: +39 0184 33109


17th March 2020 - Update from Cala del Forte

Dear Madam or Sir,

we would like to inform you that construction and administrative activities at Cala del Forte are currently carried out in full accordance with the latest regulations provided by the Italian authorities, albeit in a more streamlined capacity in compliance with the specific requirements necessary to safeguard health and safety from COVID-19 of workers on site and their families.

We believe that with our sense of responsibility, sacrifice and determination we will be able to contribute to overcoming this tragic distress. We will keep you updated and inform you on any further developments.

Gian Battista Borea d’Olmo
CEO of Cala del Forte - Ventimiglia



Chère Madame et Monsieur,

A l’heure actuelle, les travaux de réalisation de l’opération « CALA DEL FORTE », dans lesquelles sont incluses les activités administratives, continuent dans le respect des normes édictées par les décrets émis par les autorités.

Ces activités sont toutefois réduites et conformes aux exigences de sécurité sanitaire liées à la vie du chantier et aux impératifs familiaux des travailleurs.

Nous sommes confiants que pour les semaines qui viennent, le sens des responsabilités, d’esprit de sacrifice et de détermination de la part de nous tous, seront indispensables pour sortir de cette période particulièrement difficile et contraignante.

Gian Battista Borea d’Olmo
Administrateur Délégué de Cala del Forte – Ventimiglia



Gentili Signori,

vi scriviamo per informarvi che  i lavori di realizzazione di Cala del Forte, ivi incluse le attività amministrative, proseguono nel rispetto delle norme contenute nei decreti emessi dalle autorità Italiane, anche se con un’ attività ridotta e conforme alle esigenze di sicurezza sanitaria legate alla vita di cantiere e alle singole famiglie dei lavoratori.

Siamo fiduciosi che queste prossime settimane di senso di responsabilità, spirito di sacrificio e determinazione da parte di tutti noi contribuiranno al superamento di questo periodo di emergenza.

Gian Battista Borea d’Olmo
Amministratore Delegato di Cala del Forte – Ventimiglia

21th February 2020 - Cala del Forte is set to open next Summer

Just as planned, all marine work has finally been completed. Our construction team is now fully focused on land work, scheduled to be finished in time to welcome the marina's first clients very soon. The official unveiling is scheduled for 7th of July.


The A2V High Speed Shuttle has joined the array of prestigious services offered at Cala del Forte, a 12-metre motor catamaran that can carry up to 12 passengers at a cruising speed of over 40 knots. Its unique aerodynamic shape allows the A2V to halve a traditional boat’s consumption.
Starting Summer 2020, this high-speed shuttle will provide Cala del Forte members and those visiting the marina’s vibrant shopping area and restaurants with a Cala del Forte - Monaco connection in just 15 minutes.

22TH december 2019  -  LET THERE BE LIGHT

On the night of Winter solstice, Cala del Forte ushered in the festive season by turning on officially its lights for the first time ever, lighting up our year's longest night.

They will turn off at dawn and continue to shine during the ever shortening nights leading us into Summer.

16th december 2019: Latest news from Cala del Forte

Many are the items on the marina’s construction schedule that are getting close to completion within December 2019:

- fuel distribution dock (total fuel capacity: 150.000 liters)

- paving and positioning of the outer walls dock pedestals

- paving of the quay

- completion of Pier B

- paving of the breakwater

- plastering works for the breakwater

- placement of the final mooring posts

January 2020 will see the completion of the 70-metre berth and the reopening of the Scoglietti tunnel after the first step of repairs.

In the meantime work to install the elevator inside the tunnel is well on its way, which will connect Cala del Forte to the upper reaches of Old Ventimiglia. Construction of the elevator is scheduled to reach completion by summer 2020. 

27 November 2019: looking forward to the very next future at Cala del Forte.

The 3 - week intensive training course for front desk operators, organized by Cala del Forte – Ventimiglia and totally supported by Monaco Ports, has ended today with a graduation ceremony in Monaco.


Congratulations to all of young professional ladies that attended the course!

Monday November 4th, 2019:

Today marks the beginning of the front desk operators intensive training course at Cala del Forte, the new Ports Monaco marina in Ventimiglia. 18 young, talented women, committed to success, are set to take part. Cala del Forte, Ventimiglia is getting ready for the 2020 summer season!


Cala del Forte to attend the 2019 Monaco Yacht Show (25th to 28th of September)

Only 24 hours before the 29th edition of the Monaco Yacht Show opens its gates to visitors, Monaco Ports’ General Director, Gian Battista Borea d’Olmo provides an update concerning the latest developments in Cala del Forte - Ventimiglia, the Monaco-based company’s newest marina project: Construction in Cala del Forte continues in line with our objective as declared on multiple occasions: the maritime works shall be finished in the 4th quarter of this year. This summer, our teams worked practically non-stop, taking only four days off; The results achieved are notable. Currently the control tower is being constructed, and this landmark edifice is a reference point for everyone in the marina. 

Looking back at past photographs it is easy to appreciate the constant progress we have made, and just how much we have already achieved with this project. The docks are paved, the bollards are in place and the electric connection boxes are installed ready for future yachts.

The shops are close to completion: for the spaces in the Eastern area, only interior finishing must be concluded. The lower level of our massive underground parking area is also approaching completion. I am certain that by the second quarter of 2020, it shall be visible to all why Cala del Forte is a reference for the entire coast, and our marina will act as a key point of connection between Italy, France and  Monaco.”

Starting tomorrow, 25th September, we look forward to seeing you at the Monaco Yacht Show - Cala del Forte stand (QH10) on the Quai l’Hirondelle.

18th September 2019: Monaco Yacht Show will be from 25-28th September

We are delighted to inform you that we shall be present at the Monaco Yacht Show from September 25th to 28th  on Quai Hirondelle booth # QH10, next to our head office in the Capitanerie of Port Hercules.

We look forward to welcoming you and presenting Cala del Forte – Ventimiglia, Monaco Ports newest marina.

·      178 berths from 6,5 up to 70+ meters

·      Longest concession in the Mediterranean

·      Brand new marina built to the same standards as Monaco

·      Only 7,9 Nautical Miles from the Principality

·      Berths for sale on the basis of long-term leases (40 years)

Please contact our harbourmaster Marco Cornacchia ( or our sales director Jordan Waugh ( to make an appointment.  

Ventimiglia, 3rd September 2019:


Today, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco made a private visit to Cala del Forte, Ventimiglia's new, soon to be completed, Monaco Ports marina. The Prince, accompanied by his aide-de-camp and government, was welcomed by Aleco Keusseoglou, executive president of Monaco Ports and of Cala del Forte, alongside his management. 

Special guests included the Mayor of Ventimiglia, Gaetano Scullino, his predecessor, Enrico Ioculano, and the technical and financial specialists of Cala del Forte.

During his visit, Prince Albert II had the chance to admire the site's progress so far and, although he chose not to make any official statements, he took the opportunity to thank the various institutions, authorities and all who have contributed to the project and its success. Towards the end of his visit, Prince Albert II met with the linesmen and lineswomen who, after completing the intensive training course held last winter by Cala del Forte, had been selected for hiring. The visit to Cala del Forte came to a close at 1.00pm.

10th June 2019 status report: Cala del Forte, Ventimiglia: six months to go!

Maritime works

  • Construction of the breakwater (1) and outer walls (2) has been fully completed since December 2018. The major storm that hit the Ligurian coast in October 2019 tested the strength of our infrastructure and we are happy to report that Cala del Forte suffered no damage whatsoever. To date installation of the piping, cabling and technical infrastructure has been completed on the breakwater and the outer walls
  • Construction of the Central Jetty (Molo d'Onore) (3), outer jetty (4) and “Pontile B” (5) is now complete.  All of the bollards are on site and are currently being installed. The preparation of the underwater mooring infrastructure is currently underway.
  • The central port office - Harbormaster office - Central Jetty (3) - is currently under construction and the foundation has been completed. Work shall be completed in 4th Quarter 2019. 
  • Shipyard: the piers and lifting basin have been completed (6) ready to accommodate the travel-lift capable of lifting yachts up to 30 meters. The 2,700 m² shipyard dock area is currently under construction.
  • The fuel distribution dock (7) has been completed and four tanks (with a total of 150.000  liters of fuel capacity) have been installed inside bunker/isolation tanks;
  • Dredging and leveling (8) to the final depth of the marina is underway.

To date 82% of the maritime works have been completed*.

(*on February 8th 2019, the Italian authorities issued full permission and documentation for Cala del Forte to be completed with an optimized mooring plan called ‘Variante 3)’.


On land works

  • The elements that shall constitute the shops (9) as well as the East underground parking area are currently in an advanced status of construction (95%). The West shops and parking area (10)  is currently under construction(25%).Work on these elements is scheduled to be completed in the 4th Quarter of 2019. 
  • Slope consolidation: Static testing of the structural works of the slope (11) have been carried out successfully. 100%of the slope consolidation is now completed.

To date, the 28% of the on land works have been completed*

(*on February 8th 2019, the Italian authorities issued full permission and documentation for Cala del Forte to be completed with an optimized mooring plan called ‘Variante 3)’.


All structural and civil works have been contracted and works relating to architectural and landscaping design have been tendered. Urban works in “lungomare Marconi” are well underway.

6th May 2019: one more step forward at Cala del Forte

The 5-week intensive training course for future linehandlers, organized by Cala del Forte – Ventimiglia and totally supported by Monaco Ports, has ended today with a graduation ceremony in Monaco. The participants are now fully prepared for both the technical and the specific needs of yachts and superyacht clientele! Congratulations to all of you!

29th April 2019: Multiple steps forward at Cala del Forte

April 2019: bollards and mooring posts are on-site. 
End of work: 4th Quarter 2019.

4th March 2019: Cala del Forte is getting ready to open!

Monday, March 4th marked the beginning of the linehandler training course in Ventimiglia. This course, organized by Cala del Forte and Monaco Ports shall include 126 hours of theoretical training followed by 80 hours of hands-on experience in the Ports of Monaco.
Of the 30 participants of this course, all shall find exciting employment opportunities and the best shall be employed by Cala del Forte this fall, in preparation for the opening of the marina.
Marco Cornacchia, Cala del Forte’s harbourmaster, explains: “We have chosen to professionally train our own human resources in order to provide our clients with the standards of excellence and professionality, that are at the heart of Monaco Ports, which proudly counts Cala del Forte among its marinas. We strongly believe in this project and have decided to fund it entirely without external contributions or partnerships. This means we have personally selected the teachers, industry professionals and various experts in the many subjects that shall be taught during face-to-face lessons in the classroom and during practical trials on the docks”.

12th February 2019 - One more step forward

Tuesday morning, February 12, 2019: on the agenda during our weekly progress meeting with our technical team at Cala del Forte:

on February 8th 2019, the Italian authorities issued full permission and documentation for Cala del Forte to be completed with an optimized mooring plan called ‘Variante 3’.

This layout ensures that all yachts are given ample space for safe maneuvering, has allowed us to create a larger drydock and work area for the shipyard, permits us to create a safer marina with regards to access, parking, storage and fire safety and has enabled us to create a 70m alongside berth with 700+m2 private dock.

Work is currently underway in order to complete construction by the 4th Quarter of this year (2019).

6th December 2018: Second Anniversary

Today, 6th December 2018, marks the second anniversary of the purchase of Cala del Forte by Monaco Ports (SMIP) and we are proud to present the images below that show just how much progress has been made in the last 24 months:

Maritime works
Construction of the breakwater (2) and outer walls (2,3) have now been fully completed. Their reliability  was put to the test in October 2018 during a major storm. No damage to the port is to be noted.
Construction of the Central Jetty (Molo d'Onore) (7), outer jetty (6) and Pontile B (5) are now complete.
Dock ŒA¹ is in advanced construction status.
Construction of the fuel distribution dock is in its final stages.
Dredging and leveling (8) to the final depth of the marina is complete.
As of today, 85% of the maritime works are completed.

On land works
The vertical elements that shall constitute the shops (1) and parking units are currently under construction. To date, 15% of these works have been completed. Work on these elements began last March, and we are on schedule to complete these structures in March 2019. 
All structural and civil works have been contracted and works relating to architectural and landscaping design shall be tendered soon. 
The project for the Harbormaster office is now completed and approved, construction is expected to start at the beginning of 2019.

Slope consolidation: Static testing of the structural works on the slope have been carried out successfully. 90% of the slope consolidation is now completed.


Two months after our last status report, work has pursued steadily in order to respect the strict time schedule regarding on-land and maritime works in Cala del Forte. During the summer, the construction team has been able to advance ahead of schedule in regards to the hillside consolidation.

Maritime works:

  • Construction of the breakwater and outer walls have now been fully completed.
  • One of the three MT/LT transformer cabins has been installed.
  • The structures of the ‘honor quay’ and the two outer jetties are now complete.


Works that are currently underway include:

  • The laying of ‘Pontile B’ dock;
  • Installation of the technical infrastructure within the central jetty and ‘honor quay’;
  • Construction of the Fuel distribution dock;
  • Dredging and leveling to the final depth within all zones of the marina;

Currently, 80% of the maritime works can be considered completed.

All maritime works are on schedule in regards to the time schedule.

On-Land Works:

Construction of the buildings that shall house the future shops and parking lots began in March 2018.

The works are advancing in concordance with the construction timetable.

The harbor office is currently in the advanced design phase and a public tender for its entire construction shall be held during the autumn of 2018.

Slope consolidation:

The final details and botanic preparation are being made along the northern slope surrounding Cala del Forte. Approximately 90% of the slope consolidation can now be considered completed.

These works are about a month ahead of schedule in regards to the construction timetable.

Urban works within Ventimiglia:

Urbanization works (Lotto A) shall include the redevelopment of various zones surrounding the port and along the access routes to Cala del Forte.

Works shall include:

  • the renovation of Marconi Promenade (Lungomare)
  • The renovation of Via Trossarelli
  • The renovation of Piazza Costituente
  • and the renewal of the tunnel of the Scoglietti, that is the main access route to the Marina.

Lotto B shall also include the fitting out of the roof garden and parking above the shops and parking.

Once the authorizations are received, a public tender shall be held in order to commence construction of the Urbanistic works by year’s end.

Elevator between Scoglietti tunnel and the old city (Ventimiglia Alta):

  • The executive project has been submitted and we are awaiting the validation of the Municipality of Ventimiglia.
  • A public tender to undertake the works shall be launched upon receipt of the necessary authorizations.


5th September 2018: Monaco Yacht Show will be from 26-29th September

We are delighted to inform you that we shall be present at the Monaco Yacht Show from September 26th to 29th 2018. on Quai Hirondelle booth # QH11, next to our head office in the Capitanerie of Port Hercules.

We look forward to welcoming you and presenting Monaco’s newest marina, Cala del Forte – Ventimiglia.

·      Longest concession in the Mediterranean

·      Brand new marina built to the same standards as Monaco

·      Only 7,9 Nautical Miles from the Principality

·      Berths for sale on the basis of long-term leases (40 years)

Please contact our harbourmaster Marco Cornacchia ( or our sales director Jordan Waugh ( to make an appointment.   


In the three months since our last status report,

works in Cala del Forte have followed our strict construction

timetable and the marina remains on track for delivery in the

second half of 2019, so much so that our teams shall even

be able to take a much needed break from August 10th

to August 19th 2018.

The breakwater wall: The large breakwater and 7.20 meter wall has been completed as well as the levelling of the road on the inside of the protected basin. With the main walls completed, work has proceeded at an increased pace inside the protected harbor.

Central Jetty (Molo Onore): The central dock that shall soon accommodate the capitanerie is undergoing final steps before being paved. The electrical and technical elements have been installed and steel-reinforced concrete is being poured.


Pontile B: The concrete caissons for ‘Pontile B’ have been installed and works are currently underway in order to complete the transverse structure of the dock. 

Fuel dock In order to accommodate the increased fuel distribution capacity of 150,000 lt., the end of “Banchina F” has undergone excavation and our team is currently installing the cement caisson boxes that shall house the fuel tanks.

19th of July 2018 - LAND STATUS UPDATE

This is an exciting moment for Cala del Forte as after many months of incessant work on elements that are not always visible from above the water, the vertical elements that will constitute the shops and parking units have finally taken shape.

Eastern shop units: At the stem of the large breakwater the foundations and steel structures that shall reinforce the vertical walls have been installed. These are the foundations of the future gallery that shall house many shops, boutiques and restaurants that are already, for a large part, reserved.

A few shop spaces are still available and any interest should be directed to our Harbourmaster Marco Cornacchia:

On the Western slope: After completing the substantial task of securing the hillside with reinforced terraces, final details are currently underway for the soon-to-be green hillside, including the automatic irrigation system.

12th of July 2018 - Meet the Cala del Forte team

At Cala del Forte, Monaco Ports' new marina,  we take our mission seriously and have built a team that reflects our commitment to the values we strive to uphold: security, integrity, service and sustainability - each inspired by Monaco Ports' unmatched vision and experience.


From left to right: Jordan Waugh, Sales Director of Cala del Forte; Olivier Imperti, CFO of Ports of Monaco; Daniel Realini, Deputy General Manager of Ports of Monaco; Gian Battista Borea d'Olmo, General Manager of Ports of Monaco and CEO of Cala del Forte;  Aleco Keusseoglou, executive chairman of Ports of Monaco and Cala del Forte; Max Procopio, press officer of Cala del Forte; Marco Cornacchia harbourmaster of Cala del Forte.


We can't wait to welcome you to Cala del Forte, where our experience and values are finally taking form!

18th of April 2018 - Status Update

Mr. Marco Cornacchia, Cala del Forte’s harbourmaster, announced that all the construction works for Monaco’s newest marina are proceeding on schedule.  The marina is slated for completion by the 2nd half of 2019.

 The status report of the major works include:

  • The harbor wall & breakwater: The construction of the breakwater and adjoining stilling basin is 90% completed with all work scheduled for completion by June 2018.


  • Central Jetty: The steel reinforced concrete caissons for ‘Pontile B’ are being built on site along with the platform slabs.  These elements will form the road access to the harbour office and the adjoining piers.  This work is 80% realized and is scheduled for completion in June of 2018.


  • Bank Reinforcement: Pillars 2-14 have been successfully completed along with concrete edging and gutters. The work is due for completion in June of 2018.


  • Commercial Activity: Berth sales are exceeding expectations and opportunities are now available for a variety of commercial activities within the new marina.


Cala del Forte is on schedule for full completion in second half of 2019.

14th of April 2017: Berth sales begin

A limited number of berths – ranging in size from 10 to 60 meters – is now available to those seeking an investment opportunity in one of Monaco Ports most sensational development projects.

The sales team is available to answer your questions and provide further information regarding prices and availability.

Just fill out the contact form here or contact us at +377 97 77 48 00.

13th of April 2017: Status update

The construction is on schedule for full delivery in the 2nd half of 2019.

Current on-going works include:

Correcting the armourstones above water on the counter-jetty: replacement of the blocs that do not meet conformity, reorganization and consolidation of the blocs – end of task by mid-April 2017.

Mending of the alveoles: correcting the granulometry of the fill material in order to meet compliance and filling the pitches with concrete – task to be completed by the end of April 2017.

Dredging respectively excavation and removal of the old breakwater digue. Correcting the concrete work and base joint along the main harbour wall – task to be completed by the end of April 2017.

Scheduled works contain:

Cement-injection reinforcement and consolidation of the lower section of the main harbour wall. Completion of task by the end of July 2017.

Correcting the armourstones on the main-jetty: replacement of the blocs that do not meet conformity, reorganization and consolidation of the blocs – task to be completed by the end of June 2017.

Completion of the counter-jetty wall – works to take place from mid-April until the end of June 2017.

Reinforcing and securing of the north slope terrain: Works to begin in June 2017.