Monaco Ports new pleasure in Ventimiglia

Ventimiglia is defined by beautiful scenery, the charming architecture and history of the old town and a year-round favourable climate. It is the first port across the border on the Gulf of Genoa, close to the world-famous Giardini Botanici Hanbury and the area offers an excellent selection of restaurants and bars. The famous Friday seafront market attracts shoppers from France and northern Italy, whilst there is a nearly endless calendar of activities along its beaches (Balzi Rossi and Calandre are the most beatiful ones) and up towards the Alps above.

Situated on the Riviera dei Fiori (Riviera of Flowers), at the mouth of the Roya River, Ventimiglia sits in a stunning geographical location and close between the Italian town of Sanremo on one side and the small city of Menton and Principality of Monaco on the other.

The beautiful Mediterranean resort town of Sanremo is a miniature mecca of Italian style and love of food and long afternoons sitting at café tables. With a wealth of small boutiques, fashionable eateries, luxury villas and the grand Casino Sanremo, this little gem is half an hour from Cala del Forte.

20 minutes the other way, across the border into France, lies Menton, the “city of citrus” with its annual Lemon Festival and a near permanent display of lemons and oranges amongst the palms and in the many subtropical gardens. It hosts a much loved music festival each summer and currently its most prominent cultural showpiece is the celebrated Jean Cocteau Museum.

The villages of Dolceaqua and Apricale sit only a few kilometres inland but transport visitors into a completely different world. The former, with its ancient stone houses along narrow alleys and a popular humpback bridge crossing a scenic river, sits beneath a towering medieval castle. Apricale meanwhile, included on the list of “Italy’s most beautiful villages”, perches amongst forested hills and its warren of arched passageways and leaning houses are home to many charming bars, restaurants and shops.

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