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Cala del Forte – Facts and figures

  • Only 7.9 nautical miles from Monaco
  • Operated entirely by Ports of Monaco
  • Services delivered to the Monaco standard
  • 178 Berths from 6,5m up to 70+ meters
  • Black water pumps out facilities for boats >24 mt free of charge anytime
  • Storage facilities adjacent to the berths
  • Fuel station
  • Two charging points for electric cars located inside the parking at the street level
  • 1 AQUA superPower station for electric boats. (AC and DC charging with current maximum power output of 150 kW)
  • 24/7 mooring assistance by professionally staff
  • 24/7 safety and security (80 surveillance cameras)
  • Electric golf cart transportation and delivery service
  • Shipyard for yachts up to 30m
  • 31 shops
  • 582 parking auto two of which are for the recharge of electric cars
  • 15,000 m2 of promenades and gardens
  • Longest concession in the Mediterranean (until 2094)
  • High-speed shuttle service by sea operating between Port Hercule and Cala del Forte (a 15-minutes journey from port to port) up to 11 guests
  • 45 km by motorway away from Nice International Airport
  • 24 km by motorway away from Monaco Heliport
  • Direct connection to the historical town of Ventimiglia Alta via elevator (free of charge)

The completion of Cala del Forte also marked the development of a number of urban projects set to be completed around Ventimiglia. These include the upgrade of the water and waste system, fresh paving of roads, landscaping interventions and the creation of a direct connection between the marina itself and the old city centre, making Ventimiglia even more accessible to those interested in exploring its charming medieval streets. On April 7th 2022, the CEO of Cala del Forte Gian Battista Borea d’Olmo, alongside the Mayor of Ventimiglia Mr. Gaetano Scullino, celebrated the inauguration of a cutting-edge vertical lift which, from this day forward, will provide a direct, fast and free of charge pedestrian connection between the Cala del Forte marina and the historic town centre of Ventimiglia Alta. It is now possible to reach the charming town centre in just 40 seconds. The vertical lift, together with the 582 parking spaces at Cala del Forte, all of which are already fully operational and open to the public, opens up a new era for innovative mobility and hospitality in Ventimiglia.

Monaco Ports' new starting point

Cala del Forte Ventimiglia is the perfect starting point for sailing along the French Riviera while being based in Italy. Nice, St. Tropez and Cannes are just around the corner as are the equally beautiful beaches and resorts of the Italian Riviera, Corsica and Sardinia.

Map of coast and proximity of Monaco, Nice, Cannes, St. Tropez, Sanremo, Savona and Genoa.

Destinations by sea

8 nautical miles from Monaco

9 nautical miles from Sanremo

25 nautical miles from Antibes

35 nautical miles from Cannes

55 nautical miles from Saint Tropez

77 nautical miles from Portofino

86 nautical miles from Corsica

207 nautical miles from Costa Smeralda

Destinations by land

24 km by motorway from Monaco Heliport

45 km by motorway from Nice International Airport

78 km by motorway from Cannes-Mandelieu Airport

84 km by motorway from Albenga Airport

155 km by motorway from Genoa International Airport

327 km by motorway from Milan International Airport

Destinations by air (Helicopter)

8 minutes from Monaco

16 minutes from Nice

40 minutes from Genoa

1h15 from Milan

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