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Why is the Cala del Forte entrance facing west, unlike all the other ports on the Ligurian coast?
The entrance faces west because to the east there is the mouth of the Roya, the largest river in Liguria, which could have potentially caused coverage issues at the entrance of Cala del Forte. Moreover, to the east, there are the most popular beaches of Ventimiglia: you didn't want to overlap boat traffic with bathing areas.

How did the breakwater of Cala del Forte behave during the exceptional tidal storm of October 2018 which caused major damage to the entire Ligurian coast?
The dam held up perfectly because it was designed with climate change in mind. The dimensioning of the reef was not only done taking into account the tidal statistics of the last 50 years, but also assuming that it must withstand the maximum waves compatible with the seabed on which it is built. The reef also has the peculiarity of being made with a non-traditional shape, the boulders are in fact arranged so as to form a dissipation tank which greatly increases the resistance of the dam against overflow.
The shape of the wave wall is also unconventional. The crowning wall of the Ventimiglia harbor dam is in fact the result of an experimental study on a reduced-scale physical model (1:43) which took place in the canal of the plumbing department of the University of Florence.
The model study allowed us to test the behavior of different shapes for the wave wall arriving at its current curved shape towards the sea. In this way wave impact on the wall is reflected offshore. The presence of this device has improved the overall efficiency of the structure with respect to the wave overleaf by about 10% without having to resort to raising the wall.

Why does Cala del Forte have a characteristically round conformation?
The port is round to better fit into the cove between Punta della Rocca and the Margunaira beach. The round shape also guarantees the best defense from external waves because these waves, which propagate in the direction of the wind and are parallel to each other, meeting a curved cliff, will never be able to strike directly but always at an angle.

Why do the docks inside the port have cells with stones in them?
The internal quays have a particular shape to allow for the dissipation of residual wave motion inside the basin. The fact that the docks are drilled allows the swell to be absorbed without reflecting it.

What is the depth of the water at the mouth of the port?
7 meters

How is the quality of the water inside the basin guaranteed?
A very large pipe runs inside the quay. It allows the water to be recirculated inside the basin through the action of the tide. The bridge that interrupts the central pier also allows for better circulation even in the area farthest from the entrance.

Why are there no pontoons on the east side of the central pier?
The marina has been designed to accommodate large boats, so it has few pontoons compared to what usually can be seen. The presence of  boats of a greater size is a guarantee of "life" inside the tourist ports because the large boats are inhabited all year long by the crews.

Why are the docks slightly inclined towards the ground?
The slight slope towards the ground of the docks is intended to avoid rainwater dragging any impurities from the ground into the sea. All rainwater is collected and the initial rainfall, the so-called first rain water, is purified before being disposed of.


Have you thought about how to reduce light pollution?
Yes, the whole port is illuminated with systems that do not disperse light towards the sky. Furthermore, comfortable lighting was also designed for boats moored at the quay, the lights at the poles in fact produce a differentiated light beam, which is more intense towards the road and reduced towards the boats.

How can you reach the historic center of Ventimiglia from Cala del Forte?

An elevator is being built inside the Scoglietti gallery. Il will arrive exactly in front of the old Porta Nuova of Ventimiglia. The lift is designed to carry bikes too.

Will it be possible to recharge electric cars in Cala del Forte?
Cala del Forte will be equipped with charging systems for both private and public parking spaces. Public parking spaces will be provided with ultrafast charging systems. All parking spaces belonging to the moorings will have the predisposition to install a charging system. All charging points will be equipped with all socket models, both for direct and alternating current charging, including the very recent Combo2.

Is it true that roses will be planted in public gardens?
It is true, a very well-kept rose garden will be grown.
An addition wanted by the owners of cala del Forte in honor of HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco.


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