Monaco’s new mission


Cala del Forte will be operated to the highest professional standards, uncompromisingly committed to security, discretion, ecological sustainability and ethical responsibility.


Cala del Forte’s team will approach every issue concerning its customers reliably and confidentially.


Cala del Forte’s team will be glad to provide yacht owners with every assistance needed, no matter if technical, nautical or merely the finest local know-how and know-where.


Cala del Forte’s team will ensure the warmest of welcomes to make every stay a genuine pleasure for customers, families, friends and crews alike.

Ventimiglia is one of the Ligurian town’s closest to the French-Italian border. It has a picturesque old town, located just at the mouth of the Roia river, where the French and Italian Rivieras meet.

On December 6th December 2016, after several months of surveying and negotiating, the company SMIP (Société Monégasque Internationale Portuaire), subsidiary of the Monaco’s SEPM(Société d’Exploitation des Ports de Monaco), completed the acquisition of Cala del Forte S.R.L., the concession-holder of Ventimiglia’s new marina. Construction works have resumed since February 2017 and the new port is on schedule for full completion in 2019.


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